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Unforgettable Retreats

At Leaders of the Day, “creating space” for transformative things to emerge is what we do best. Our programs unfold amidst a backdrop of spectacular natural beauty, peace and quiet. We utilize a number of inspiring properties throughout Ontario, Nova Scotia and Newfoundland.

Nestled in the forest, or Ocean-side these properties have access to walking trails, outdoor activities, quality dining experiences and natural wonders. Our programming is highly experiential in nature which allows our talented Facilitators to co-create incredibly magical moments in partnership with you and your Team.

All of our workshops can be selected as themes for your retreat, but we can also work with you to custom design something brand new that will meet the wants and needs of your group or Team.

Our expert Facilitators have deep experience working with groups from all walks of life and from all over Canada and the World. We confidently guarantee that investing in one of our retreats will be money very well spent. We specialize in hosting facilitated retreats for corporate clients, innovators, business students, school leaders and other professionals.

Our programming “wheel-house” focuses on the world of personal development and the understanding that whatever growth we undergo in a personal sense also translates powerfully to the other “spheres of Life” and particularly to our work / business Life and Relationships.

We specialize in creating novel experiences that invite participants to challenge assumptions and their own perceived limitations in a safe and welcoming environment. We very intentionally use games, captivating storytelling and innovative group activities that inspire groups to take risks, network, collaborate and connect!

Participants most often use the following “descriptors” when telling us about the impacts of their retreat experience with us:

Fun, Rejuvenating, Unexpected, Innovative

and Life-Changing.

Our facilitated retreats are fine-tuned for each group and each individual so that your Team can have the greatest and most memorable experience possible. High value and high impact are always our primary objectives.

Come and invest your Professional Development time  and dollars with us.  You and your Team will be glad that you did.  You will return from your retreat feeling energized, aligned and re-inspired and will feel like you are just returning from a great, adventurous holiday!

Examples of Retreat themes that are available include:

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