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The Art of Team Building

In essence, the Art of Team Building is about bringing people together. It is about helping people to realize that “we have far more things in common with each other than things that divide us”.

Truthfully speaking, it is both an art form and a science and there are definitely some very particular strategies and important “orders of operation” that typically help groups to become more connected, higher functioning Teams.

By understanding these strategies intimately as a Facilitator, you can begin to assemble a whole host of tools to help support people develop both as individuals and as a wider collective team or community.

The goal of this program is not simply to teach participants a series of really interesting new activities, but to help them learn about what is actually happening “under the hood” of group development so that they can become more competent and confident “conductors” of experiences and intentional “engineers” of their own workshops and programming.

Our very unique approach to teaching and training utilizes hands-on active learning, captivating storytelling and innovative activities that will help you to explore these very sought after professional skills “from the inside out”.

Our Trainers specialize in supporting groups to gracefully step beyond their comfort zones and to learn how to greet challenges as opportunities.  We assist people in continually deepening their emotional intelligence as they find the courage to overcome obstacles and their own perceived limitations in a safe and supportive environment.

Our transformative approach  equips people to establish a more comfortable practice of personal reflection and to celebrate all successes both big and small in a genuine way.

We are constantly told by our participants how unusual and refreshingly different our programs are and how they re-define the words “professional development!”

  • Leaders of the Day certainly made an impression at Habitat for Humanity’s Global Village Team Leader conference! We were looking for someone who could equip our international team leaders with the tools to bring a group of strangers together in a developing world setting and form them into a team that would build a house.

  • Tony and his team were definitely up for the task. Based on our initial conversations they put together an energetic and engaging workshop that received rave reviews from everyone involved. We are looking forward to a repeat performance at our upcoming conference this year. Thanks Tony and Leaders of the Day for showing what excellence in facilitation is all about. Rick Tait, Senior Director, Habitat for Humanity Canada, Global Village Program

  • Thank you for the wonderful 2-day Experiential Facilitator Training. We'll never forget the great experience we had together and look forward to working with Leaders of the Day again! Office of Aboriginal Initiatives, Nipissing University

  • Words cannot describe how enriching this experience was. Thank you! Aaron

Learning Objectives:

This program will explore in depth:

This program is ideal for Business Leaders, Educators and other Professionals looking to engaging and innovative new approaches for bringing people together and facilitating highly memorable experiences. It is an absolute core competency for those seeking work as Outdoor Professionals.

Leaders of the Day currently partners with Innovation Centres, Businesses, School Boards and Outdoor Education Centres across the country and even assists in training Habitat for Humanity’s International Team Leaders as they embark on their projects throughout the world.  Come get the skills you need to take your work to the “next level!”

Our All-inclusive package for this program includes the cost of your tuition, shared accommodation at a beautiful lodge near Algonquin Provincial Park, a delicious meal plan and the opportunity to participate in an exciting High Ropes experience as part of  your program.

Modified versions of this program are also available and can be delivered at most venues of your choosing.  We are mobile and can come to you!

Click here to contact our Team. This program is now also available as an exciting Virtual Training Program!