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Back-country Navigation
Level 1

This is an introductory program ideal for those who may be wild about the outdoors but haven’t ever engaged in any formal navigational training. This program is a must for all those who head into the wild or take others there. Our two day program focuses on the important essentials of map, compass and G.P.S. technologies and how to use each reliably in back-country environments.

This experience is a perfect primer for Teachers, Experiential Educators, Hunters, aspiring Adventure Racers, Recreational Backpackers emerging Outdoor Professionals and even weekend warriors looking to be mentored in what is quickly becoming a forgotten art form.

This program begins with the cornerstone skills of map and compass navigation and then adds G.P.S. as a value added third dimension. There are few places in the outdoor industry today where you can go and be mentored in this crucial knowledge. At Leaders of the Day we put a huge focus on the map and compass portion of our program and accordingly, the entire first day of our curriculum is dedicated to practicing those very hands-on skills out under the sky in the our wilderness classroom.

All navigational tools (topographical maps, compasses and G.P.S. units) are provided for your use during the course, so no previous experience or investments in expensive equipment are required. If you do have a favorite compass or your own hand-held G.P.S. unit, please feel free to bring it along.

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Learning Objectives:

This program will explore in depth:

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When heading into the back-country alone, with our families or with our students, it is essential to go there not only with confidence, but with true skills to back our confidence up.  There is a difference between information and knowledge.  Come receive good knowledge and great mentorship from our wilderness experts and head out for your next adventure with “true confidence”.  This course combines classroom learning with a balance of great, outdoor, hands-on experience in a fun and professional learning environment.

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