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Inspirational Speaker

Tony Cox

Adventurer | Storyteller | Experiential Trainer | Educator and Personal Development Specialist

Tony Cox is a pathfinder and provocative thought leader who has prided himself on consistently taking the “road less traveled” in his Life. His presentations powerfully motivate audiences to consider how they can choose to make bold and liberating choices in their own lives and to consistently move in the direction of their dreams.

He is an Entrepreneur and expert Trainer who speaks animatedly about Leadership, Innovation, Bravery, Artful Communication and the importance of re-defining personal Success.

His style is highly interactive and his stories garnered from decades of experience in the wilderness, conflict zones, classrooms and board rooms are inescapably captivating.  He deftly connects the D.N.A. of his stories with important life lessons that resonate powerfully with audiences everywhere.

Tony has had a life filled with adventure and “Transformative Experiences”.  At the age of 18, he embarked on a life-changing solo expedition to the deserts of the American South-west and later went on to lead humanitarian projects for 5 years during the civil war in Bosnia.

His deep love of the natural world inspired him to become a wilderness guide and educator and for 25 years, he  has helped people reconnect with nature, themselves and each other.  He has spent close to 2000 nights in the back-country in locations all over the world.

He has explored the Great Barrier reef and spent time in the Australian Outback.  He has skydived from 9000 feet over the Tasman Sea, slept in snow caves and stood on mountain tops –  challenging his fears and perceived limitations all along the way.

He facilitates a fascinating Business Innovation program for young entrepreneurs using a unique, experiential training platform that he himself designed now popular with leading business schools like Stanford and Berkeley.

He believes deeply in the power of perception, people’s ability to re-invent themselves and in inspiring people to “show up” differently in their personal lives and at their work places.  If there is one ever-present constant in this  world….it is Change.   Tony motivates people to find the courage, to step boldly “out of the box” and to more bravely navigate uncertainty.  Invite Tony to your next event.  You’ll be glad that you did!

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