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Camping Leadership + Introduction to Lake Skills

2 Great Certifications in Just 6 Days

The Camping Leadership Certification focuses on advanced expeditionary leadership strategies, group management, expedition behaviour and camp-craft skills in a wilderness setting. This course is ideal for those who are in a position of leadership on camping excursions or expeditions.  This is a Guide Level certification program certified through Paddle Canada.

Paddle Canada recently partitioned Wilderness Camping skills from it’s paddling programs so that it could be a stand alone course or be paired with any one of their paddling disciplines (canoeing, kayaking or stand-up paddle boarding).  Note: The two certifications in this program are the equivalent to the O.R.C.K.A. level 3  Canoe Tripping cert.

At Leaders of the Day we choose to bundle the Camping program Leadership program with the Introduction to Lake Skills certification as part of an expedition-based training experience which unfolds over 6 days in beautiful Algonquin Provincial Park in August each year.   In addition we also include Paddle Canada’s Expedition Camping Module.

Our Instructors take into account each participant’s previous back-country experience and then begin building and refining the group’s collective skills from there.

On your Training Adventure, we will dive into elements such as: flat-water rescue principles, back country navigation, traditional fire-lighting, tarps and shelter building, essential expedition knots, back-country cooking and baking, satellite phone use, environmental ethics, advanced route, menu and risk management planning and much much more!

You will come away from this course feeling really confident, with some amazing new tricks in your repertoire. Our commitment to small group sizes allows us to truly customize the learning path for each participant; to offer one on one mentorship opportunities and to dive into areas of interest pertinent to those in attendance.

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Upon completion of the program students who can properly demonstrate the highlighted skills will be awarded their 2 Paddle Canada Canoe Certifications and the expedition module distinction. This is an all-inclusive program led by skilled Senior Instructors from our faculty of specialists. Each student will have opportunities for 1 to 1 assessment of skills and expert mentorship.

We provide professional instruction and skills mentorship; delicious meals and snacks, high quality group equipment (including tents, stoves, sleeping bags, tarps, canoes paddles canoe packs, P.F.D.’s, professional series First Aid Kits, Satellite phones, etc..). We will provide you with a suggested equipment list prior to the departure of your program so you know exactly what to bring to best enjoy your training experience with us. Don’t miss out on this incredible program!

Note: This is the minimum certification required by Teachers (as mandated by O.P.H.E.A.) to be able to take their students on back-country canoe expeditions.

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Candidates must have earned their Wilderness Camping Certification or its industry equivalent, OR have some paddling experience and at least 12 (non-sequential) nights spent out on expedition. (Questions about your eligibility? Simply contact our office by email or phone and connect with us to learn more. You don’t have to be an industry professional to register for this course by any means!)

Introduction to Lake Skills: 

This Nationally recognized Paddle Canada certification is aimed at the graceful, precision skills of paddling a canoe through the wilderness. The course focuses on all the major strokes in careful detail to build confidence with paddling in a variety of wind and weather conditions. The program will enable participants to become competent paddlers both in the bow and stern positions of the canoe and to be able to execute the strokes with both their dominant and non-dominant hands.

The course will also explore flat-water rescue techniques, initiating turns, steering strokes, paddling in cadence and of course the all important art of portaging. For those individuals who already have some of these basics mastered, our Instructor will assist in taking your skills from wherever they might be and helping you deepen them further.  The course curriculum unfolds concurrently with the Advanced Level Canoe Tripping Cert.  There are no pre-requisites for this certification.




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