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Hacking Your
Innovation Mindset

Awakening Business Innovation is about “rocking people’s worlds”.  It is about taking people out of their familiar settings to boldly explore the “unknown and unfamiliar”, for that is where innovation is truly found.  In the next quarter century there will be new products and sectors of business that have not even been imagined yet.  How do we prepare people now for such a rapidly changing world and marketplace?

We must awaken their imaginations; foster creative thinking, instill healthy attitudes towards challenge and adversity and deepen their confidence.  We must help them find their vision, their voices and their capacity to communicate artfully with others.  We must celebrate their successes but also help them to deal constructively with disappointments and failure so they can brush themselves off and “try, try again”.  If there is one constant in this world… is Change.

Most of the leading business schools worldwide acknowledge that there is a very notable set of skills observed in the most successful entrepreneurs. They further acknowledge that many aspects of that skill set are very difficult if not impossible to confer in a traditional classroom setting. Our highly effective game-based learning approach (also adopted by leading schools like UCLA Berkeley and Stanford) create a dynamic “learning laboratory” or flight simulator of sorts that allows participants to practice and develop some of these essential behaviours and qualities that are acknowledged indicators of entrepreneurial success.

Workshop participants will:

This program is available as a 1 day training or as a 2 day retreat.

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We have also adapted this workshop for high school and University Business students.

Leaders of the Day is world-renowned for its innovative approaches to experiential learning and training. Step into our unique wilderness classroom where we are helping young people to unearth their many possibilities and to shape their sense of business savvy.

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