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Standing Strong

Standing Strong

Secrets of Longevity for Adventure Practitioners

When we as people forget to take good care of ourselves, our ability to give dynamically to others is greatly compromised. This program was designed in response to an overwhelming need across countless fields and industries for tools to navigate some of the most challenging aspects of our workplaces.

How can we uniquely position ourselves to support others in their difficult journeys without becoming vicariously traumatized by their stories? During this program, participants will have the opportunity to explore techniques and strategies aimed at preventing early burn-out and for minimizing the very real dangers of secondary traumatic stress.

Participants are invited to engage in a series of unique activities, discussions and sharings, facilitated by a Educator with 25 years of experience working with some of the most challenged youth in our province.

This program explores tangible ways to assist in mobilizing the body’s inherent resources so we can take good care of ourselves as we seek to share our best gifts with those that we have the hounour of spending time with. How do you work effectively with challenged students or clients who have emotionally “charged” or difficult Life Stories without being adversely impacted by those stories yourself? It’s time to start “receiving” peoples’ stories in a new way. Come find out how.

This workshop is ideal for Educators of all kinds, Adventure Therapists, Youth Workers, Counselors, Medical Staff, Addictions Practitioners and First Responders. It is available as a One-Day session or in its abbreviated form as a 3 hour P.D. Day experience.

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Finding your Fire

Finding Your Fire

Excavating Your Unique Passions & Talents

What are the things that fuel you? Is the Fire inside of you still burning brightly or have your Life circumstances reduced that Fire to embers for the moment? The good news is that those embers can be fanned back to life. As people we have the opportunity daily to constantly “re-invent” ourselves.

This program has participants don their introspection goggles to very experientially explore the nature of their own inspiration and the very unique roots of their own talents and power as people. In this Age of busyness and instant…everything, we often neglect to preserve time for our own rejuvenation and re-calibration.

Through unique hands-on activities, living, breathing metaphors and inspirational presentations in beautiful settings, this workshop goes about the business of re-kindling your Fire. This session is Transformative Experience at its very finest! We’ll come to you, or you can come to us and get “out of the box” as you stay at our incredible wilderness retreat. Adventure awaits!

This workshop is ideal for Educators of all kinds, High School and University Students, Business Owners or anyone in the midst of a life transition. It is available as a One-Day session or in its abbreviated form as a 3 hour P.D. Day experience.

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40 Secrets for Success

40 Ingredients for Success

Helping Youth Build Strong & Happy Futures

Life Asset Building is all about helping youth to learn new skills and to gather essential experiences that have the power to support them in becoming happier, more confident and successful people. School Boards and Service Agencies throughout North America have begun to embrace Life Asset Building as a holistic blue-print to help catalyze greater capacity and resilience for their students and clients.

As a Trainer with this body of work, Executive Director Tony Cox works in innovative ways with the 40 Developmental Assets for youth as promoted by the Search Institute in Minneapolis. 40 years of research have statistically shown that when young people acquire a greater number of these important, identified Life Assets they are dramatically more likely to positively navigate young adult choices and less likely to engage in at-risk lifestyles or behaviours.

Join us as we explore the very tangible ways you can be supporting youth to acquire these essential ingredients for success in your daily life, in the classroom or in your practice. Through engaging activities, thought-provoking storytelling and lively presentation pieces, participants will come away inspired with some solid tools for supporting youth.

This workshop is ideal for Educators of all kinds, Youth Workers, Counselors, Classroom Teachers and Addictions Practitioners. It is available as a One-Day session or in its abbreviated form as a 3 hour P.D. session.

Heroic Journeys 2

Heroic Journeys

The Mapping of Our Personal Landscapes

Our Heroic Journeys workshop is about finding the courage to stand on the thresholds of our own perceived limitations and then choosing to step boldly forward into our own greater possibilities. Drawing on the powerful work of legendary storyteller Joseph Campbell, this experience invites participants to imagine themselves as the heroes and heroines of their own stories.

Participate in incredible activities in the natural world that help to inspire powerful reflection and move you in the direction of your goals and dreams.  Imagine your most exciting goals and dreams and then begin to chart your path to get there.  Join our Trainers as you examine the resources, allies and potential obstacles that are all part of the personal landscape on which your Dreams are nestled.

“We cannot change the past, but every moment is an opportunity to change your future”

This workshop is ideal for anyone in search of new inspiration or re-inventing the next chapter of Life.  This workshop can be delivered as a one-day PD experience, in a 2-Day retreat-style format or as part of one of our bold and exciting expeditions.

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*Leaders of the Day also runs a variety of industry-standard certification courses in Wilderness Advanced First Aid, Wilderness First Responder, Whitewater Rescue, Experiential Facilitation Levels 1 & 2, Back-country Navigation & G.P.S. Leave No Trace Outdoor Ethics programs, and our popular S.H.S.M. certification experiences for students. For more details about all these programs, Click Here.