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Getting You Ready
For Your Adventure

Guide Star Certification Program
Packing & Preparedness List

Dear Guide Star Participant:

Thank you for registering for the Guide Star Certification Program – our premiere training experience. You are about to embark on an incredible adventure! This is not just a canoe expedition or training; it is much, much more. With decades of experience, our Program Design team have helped people learn about their own strengths in the context of the outdoors from here to the Arctic Circle and everywhere in between.

Your program will take place in world famous, Algonquin Provincial Park. This beautiful wilderness area is larger than some European countries and its quiet interior will be the back-drop for this fantastic training adventure with us.

Every Leaders of the Day program is made up of a diverse group of individuals each attending the experience for different reasons. Some are looking to begin a career as an Outdoor Professional or Expedition Leader and others are looking to learn some incredible new skills about how to live and travel in the back-country to increase their confidence in planning bolder new adventures!

What Leaders of the Day Provides

Leaders of the Day will ensure that you have all the technical equipment and specialized gear that you need to safely and comfortably enjoy your adventure with us including: Experienced Wilderness Instructors, a warm, light sleeping bag, (if you do not have your own) water-proof bags to store your clothes in, canoes, paddles, personal flotation devices, tents, tarps, delicious meals, First Aid supplies and emergency equipment. Participants are welcome to bring as much of their own gear as they like provided that it meets the minimum safety standards.

On the packing list included in this document, we have outlined the type of clothing that works best in an expedition environment. If you don’t have everything, most of the items are available lightly used at places like value village or alternatively at places like Mountain Equipment Co-op, SAIL or other outdoor adventure outfitters if you are open to investing in new equipment for future adventures.

What You Should Bring With You

Our clothing lists have been developed from years of experience spent living and teaching in the outdoors. The clothing list has been designed for your safety and comfort for this particular experience.

To give you an idea of how we dress and pack at Leaders of the Day, think of two sets of clothing: a quick drying “wet” outfit for day wear and a warm “dry” outfit of layers to change into for the evenings and to sleep. Each day you will wear a set of clothes that, despite your best intentions, might get wet to some degree during the course of your planned activities.

You may not end up wearing everything on the list, but if some of the weather turns wet or cold, you will be happy that you have it. The key is to be prepared, but remember, we must carry everything we bring. You will be limited to 75 L of pack space in the canoe, so if you are bringing your own dry bag, please make sure it is no larger than this as you will have limited “cargo space”.

Weather Conditions for Your Program

It is important that you bring proper clothing to be actively engaged in learning in this fully expeditionary environment. Weather at this time of the year can experience large swings both in conditions and temperature and that is why it is important to bring all of the items that have been outlined. We could experience 30 degrees C one day and also have a night time temperature of only 6-9 degrees C.

Course Start time and Location:

Algonquin Provincial Park – Magnetawan Lake Access point

Your group will be gathering at 10:30 sharp on Sunday August 23rd. Depending on where you will be traveling from, some participants choose to take a motel room in a nearby community the night before to shorten their drive on the day of the course start. Please follow the link provided for a detailed map and directions.

We will have intermittent cell connection on course start day, so please be in touch with any questions by Friday August 21st while our office is still open.  You will be able to leave your vehicle in the parking lot there; get dropped off or try to arrange a ride share with other participants.  If you will be leaving your vehicle, please send us your plate number by August 21st so we can attain a parking permit on your behalf.

Here is a link to the map:

A Few Notes about Meals and Snacks

All food, drinks and snacks from lunch on Day 1 until Breakfast on Day 8 will be provided as part of your course tuition. We plan all of our menus taking into consideration the dietary concerns (if any) that you may have indicated on your Confidential Medical Disclosure.

Having food or soft drinks in personal effects or in your tent can attract unwanted animal visitors like Bears this time of year that can damage equipment or pose dangerous and unnecessary safety risks for yourself and other program participants. Please leave personal snacks and candy etc. at home. We will ensure you are well fed and our barrels will be quite full!

If you have any questions about your course, please call us at (705) 825-3838

Guide Star Expedition Packing List

Sport sandals or water shoes (closed toe please) This should be a pair of footwear with a back strap that can get wet as you get in and out of the canoes and to protect your feet when you swim. Our safety policies require that participants do not walk or swim barefoot. No Crocs / flip flops please.
Light runners (Dry shoes) 1 pair for wearing around the campsite at the end of the day.
Wool socks 2-3 pair of wool or synthetic “work” socks.
Warm pants (optional) 1 pair of Fleece pants. If you are someone who gets cold in the water.
Warm Sweaters 1-2 Sweaters: polyester, wool or Fleece. Try to avoid cotton if you can.
Long underwear 1 set of tops & bottoms: for cool nights or to warm up after being in the water.
Rain jacket and pants The course is entirely expedition-based, so please make sure you are prepared.
T-shirts 2, T-shirts: Cotton or synthetic are both O.K.
Shorts 1-2 pairs: Nylon, or other quick drying fabric.
Quick-drying pants 1-2 pairs: Nylon, Polyester, or other quick-drying fabric. Cotton is not ideal. No jeans of any kind please.
Underwear 3-4 pairs: Cotton is O.K.
Sports Bra 1-2 For women – Cotton is O.K.
Swimsuit Something that is quick drying.
1 Litre Water bottle Please ensure that you bring 2 bottles. The company Nalgene makes some of the most durable
Sun hat 1 With a brim for sun protection (baseball caps are also O.K.).
Warm hat 1 (wool or fleece) for cool evenings or to warm up after rescue simulations
Toiletries Toothbrush, small toothpaste, and any other “essentials”. Too many fragrances = bug bites
Feminine supplies Female participants should bring an ample supply (if required) in a Zip Lock bag.
Sun screen & lip balm 1 each: 30 SPF is ideal. Sun exposure can be powerful on the water.
Sunglasses & retainer strap The inexpensive variety with a retainer strap.
Head lamp /extra batteries Important for some of the evening programming / using the washroom after dark.
Towel 1 Small, quick drying sport towel to dry off after swimming or for cleaning up.
Camera Make sure you bring a dry bag for cameras. We cannot be responsible for damaged technology.
Any personal Medications As listed on your medical form.
Personal Flotation Device If you have one of your own that you like to wear that complies with Canadian safety standards then feel free to bring it. No CO2 inflatables please.
Multi-tool Some participants like to bring their own pocket knife or multi-tool for some of our skills sessions. This is not a required piece of gear.
3 Season Sleeping Bag We recommend that you bring a lightweight sleeping bag rated to -7 degrees C. While the temperature won’t be going down below zero, we find this is the best range to suit most people’s warmth needs this time of year. We are happy to provide you with a quality sleeping bag if you do not have one. Make sure you notify us in advance.
Light-weight sleeping mattress  We recommend you bring your own light-weight inflatable sleeping pad. You will have limited space to pack your gear, so it needs to be light. Thermarest makes a GREAT product and is the brand of choice for most Pros.
Bug Jacket or repellent If you are sensitive to mosquitoes, there are a number of products on the market to help you forget about them and focus on having a great time. Bug jackets rule!