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Duke of Edinburgh Adventurous Journey

An unforgettable expedition for youth 15-18

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Our Adventurous Journey Program is a life-changing canoe adventure for teens sanctioned by the Duke of Edinburgh International Award. The Adventurous Journey as the name suggests is about stepping out of the “every day” and into the heart of an unforgettable adventure.

Through their active participation in this program, the youth adventurers will complete both the Practice and Qualifying aspects of their Gold Level Duke of Edinburgh Award as well as earning a series of other great certifications which are outlined in the description below! Participants can use this experience for any level of the Duke of Edinburgh Award (Bronze, Silver or Gold) or can simply come for the amazing certifications and adventure without being affiliated with the Award at all.

This 6-day wilderness journey has participants traveling by canoe into the heart of the Ontario back-country, paddling on pristine wilderness lakes and living in close connection with the land. Youth travelers will have the amazing opportunity to be mentored by our professional wilderness specialists who each have spent thousands of nights in the back-country as Expedition Leaders and Educators.


They will learn how to light fires without using any matches, practice the fundamentals of navigation and learn how to cook and bake on an open fire. They will strengthen their communication skills, practice making important decisions and have the opportunity to work as part of a Team in a positive and supportive atmosphere.

At Leaders of the Day we specialize in helping people unearth their own unique talents and abilities and believe that you are never too young to start excavating your personal leadership potential.
Young people stride boldly away from this program with a profound sense of confidence, positive new friendships and incredible memories to last a lifetime.

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Why Leaders of the Day?

Leaders of the Day are on the cutting edge of Leadership Training in Canada. This very dynamic program has been engineered by our Design Team to help promote the essential skills and character traits that young people need to successfully take on the challenges of today’s rapidly changing world. Our Directors have designed programs in the past for organizations like Outward Bound and are now taking leadership in the wilderness to the “next level”.

What sets us apart from so many other experiences out there is most definitely the caliber of our Instructors and the opportunity for participants to earn a series of tangible skill-based certifications while having an unforgettable adventure. These certifications add value to their course experience, lend depth to young people’s resumes and help to better position them for success with future employers. (Find a description of certifications further down this page.)


Adventurous Journey Certifications

This Expeditionary program affords young people the opportunity to walk away with tangible certifications for their resumes that actually mean something to employers. Having these types of certifications help to set them apart from the other candidates in a stack of job applications and help to unlock real life opportunities for the future. Here is what participants can earn through this program:

  1. Gold Level Adventurous Journey – Duke of Edinburgh International Award
  2. Introduction to Canoe Tripping – Paddle Canada
  3. Introduction to Lake Skills – Paddle Canada
  4. Wilderness Skills and Survival Training – Leaders of the Day

*Please Note: Participants can work towards the Bronze, Silver or Gold levels of their Adventurous Journey through this program. We are sanctioned reviewers for the Duke of Edinburgh Award.

*Those participants with prior canoeing experience may be eligible to earn their Advanced Level Canoe Tripping certification. Please be in touch for further details.


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The Expedition

Our 6-Day Canoeing Expeditions take place within the deep interior of world-renowned Algonquin Provincial Park. The only thing that participants must bring is their basic clothing as outlined by the Leaders of the Day© clothing list and a handful of other personal items. All other food, technical equipment and/or personal gear will be provided as part of the all-inclusive course fee. Our teen adventurers have the chance to travel through the very heart of Algonquin, see incredible wildlife, ancient trees, and swim in pristine waters.

At the conclusion of their adventure our “Transition Crew” will meet the group with ingredients for an incredible celebration lunch on the beach to honour your accomplishments prior to preparing for the journey home. rendezvous location in Kearney Ontario.

Our Instructors2

Our Instructors

At Leaders of the Day, we hire talented Instructors with vast teaching experience and deep log books. They are not camp counselors, they are seasoned Outdoor Professionals and wilderness Guides.They are outdoor professionals practiced guides, and positive role-models. They are experts at living, teaching and traveling in the wilderness where we make our “classroom”. At Leaders of the Day, program quality, safety and positive educational outcomes are our chief focus.

Our Instructors continually upgrade their training in the latest instructional, and risk management practices. With over 2 decades of professional experience in the Experiential Education Industry, we have led, designed and developed programs and training experiences on 3 continents. Leaders of the Day designs programs for clients around the world and as far north as the Arctic Circle.

Our Expeditions go into the field with a Team of Instructors and always includes at least one female facilitator as part of our crew.

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