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Institute For Transformative Experience

The Leaders of the Day Challenge is to: seek the courage to step outside the familiar; the boldness to experience new frontiers within yourself and to consistently pursue greater personal excellence.

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Have Us Customize Your Next Great Adventure

Unforgettable projects and expeditions
in locations all over Canada.

Our authentic adventures in the Canadian Wilderness leave our participants with incredible memories and deep imprints of accomplishment, courage and confidence.

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Specialist High Skills Major Programs

Fundamental certifications for students that serve as rich foundations for their future careers


Canoe Tripping Certifications

Nationally Recognized Expedition-Based Trainings



Guide Star
Training Program

We offer a wide range of dynamic training programs and certification experiences.

Our premiere course is our Guide Star Training Program which allows you to secure 4 certifications in just 8 days!

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International School Adventures

Custom Designed Expeditions and Service Learning
Adventures in the Canadian Wilderness

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Wilderness & Survival Skills

Get mentored by our expert Instructors; develop great bush skills and learn to be prepared for the unexpected.

Get “Wilder”

The Art of Team Building
Training Program

Learn the Secrets of Forging High Performance Teams.

Take your skills to the “next level”

Back-Country Navigation & G.P.S.Certifications

Head into the Wilderness with True confidence

Unleash your Inner Navigator
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Trailhead Program – University of Guelph

Most people say that if you are going to tell a story that you should start at the beginning.  However, in our line of work we spend a lot of time starting with the end in mind and then working our way backwards from there. So, as I sit to write a Blog about this […]

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